New Music CD/Album | TARANA | Unit Records| Nandighosha Group

‘Tarana’ is the debut music CD/ Album of the Swiss based Indian spiced Jazz/ world music Group ‘Nandighosha’ and has been released world-wide on 6th Dec 2019 by Unit Records, Swiss. ‘Tarana’ which precisely means Melody, truly reflects the group’s interest in creating music that touches hearts of all around the world beyond any musical genre or cultural differences. It is now available in all music platforms like  iTunesSpotifyYouTube MusicAmazonebayDeezerCeDe etc.

There are all-together nine tracks in this skillfully designed music album ‘Tarana’ which are based on one or more ancient Indian Ragas; the music of ‘Tarana’ beautifully paints the colors of serene and mellifluous Indian classical music on the flamboyant Jazz or vice-versa. Beautifully composed/sung by Bijayashree Samal and very well arranged by Bruno Steffen; the music reflects a perfect and profound harmony in spite of the different musical backgrounds and understandings. ‘Tarana’ is a must listen.

Tarana, Unit Records, Switzerland, Nandighosho Group

Bijayashree Samal – singer/composer
Bruno Steffen– pianist/ composer/ arrenger
Ekkehard Sassenhausen– saxes
Rätus Flisch – kontrabass/ double bass
Robert Mark– percussion/ drums
Beat Gisler– bass
Bernhard Göttert- cello
Samir Böhringer– drums
Vivek Bhurtun– tabla
Andy Kruesi/ sound-design.ch- sound mixing and mastering

Tarana Promo